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USB2.0 Card Reader All-in-one Black

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Referentie: EW1050

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Do you have a digital camera or another device which uses a memory card? In that case you can really use the Ewent EW1050 Card Reader! With this high quality card reader you can read and write all popular memory cards. Connect the 64-in-1 Card Reader to a USB port on your computer to access your photos or other data fast and easy. The card reader has a sturdy housing in a modern design and comes with a USB extension cable.

The Ewent Cardreader supports many cards, such as CompactFlash, Micro Drive, MemoryStick, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MiniSD and XD Card. The Ewent 64-in-1 Card Reader allows you to access your updated data anytime!


  • USB cable included
  • Easily view, edit and save your memory card contents on your computer
  • Enjoy high transfer rates thanks to USB 2.0
  • 64-in-1 Cardreader USB 2.0
  • Reads and writes 64 popular memory cards
  • Multilingual user manual
  • Accessible helpdesk


* Memory Cards: o - Compact Flash: CF I, CFI WA, CF I Picture, CF PRO, CF PRO II, CF I Elite PRO, CF Ultra II, CF I HS, CF I Ultra II, CF I Extreme, CF I Extreme III, CF II, CF I Extreme IV) o - M2, Memory Stick: MS, MS MG, MS PRO, MS Pro Extreme, MS Pro MG, MS Duo, MS Duo MG, MS ProDuo, MS Pro Duo Ultra, MS Pro Duo MG, MS Pro Ultra II, Ms ROM, MS Memory Select Function, MS Duo HS, MS PRO Extreme III, MS PRO HS, MS PRO Duo MG HS, MS PRO Duo Ext o - MicroSD: MicroSD Premier, MicroSD SDHC Class-2, MicroSD SDHC Class4, MicroSD SDHC Class 10, MicroSD SDHC UHS-1, MiniSD o - MultiMedia Card: MMC, MMC 4.0, MMC HS, RS MMC, RS-MMC 4.0,RS-MMC HS, RS-MMC DV, MMC mobile , MMC plus 200X o - SDXC, Secure Digital: SD, SD PRO, SD Elite PRO, SD Ultra, SD Ultra II, SD Extreme, SD Extreme III, SD HS 150X, Mini SD, Mini SD Ultra II, Secure Digital High Capacity SDHC ( SDHC Ultra II, SDHC Class 2, SDHC Class 4, Class 10, SDHC Extreme III, XD card * Number of slots: 6 * Interface: USB2.0 * Cable Lenght: 63cm