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LCD Desk Mount 27in

Referentie: EW1510

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Create an ergonomic and space-saving work environment by using the Ewent EW1510 LCD Desk Mount. Place your monitor to your ideal height and viewing angle for a better posture and thus avoid back, neck and shoulder complaints. The Ewent EW1510 Desk Mount is suitable for screens up to 27 inch and is easy to attach to your desk via a clamp or grommet mount.


  • Reduce the risk of back and neck strain
    • The EW1510 is easy adjustable in height and depth without tools by its convenient lever screw system. Tilt, swivel and rotate your screen to create an ideal ergonomic work space to reduce the risk of neck and back complaints. Cables are kept out of sight thanks to the cable management system.
  • With convenient monitor mounting system
    • The Ewent EW1510 has three pivot points for setting the ideal viewing distance. The Ewent desk mount is suitable for one screen up to 27 inch with a maximum weight up to 8kg. The EW1510 is fitted with 75x75 mm and 100x100 mm VESA mount. The easy mounting system makes it possible to attach a monitor to the desk mount all by yourself. The Ewent EW1510 comes with all mounting gear for both clamp and grommet mount.


  • Universal single desk mount suitable for one monitor up to 27 inch and 8kg
  • Easy screen mounting system
  • VESA Mounting Compatibility 75x75, 100x100
  • Easy adjustable in height without tools by its convenient lever screw system
  • Integrated cable management system and Allen key storage system
  • Clamp mount and grommet mount included for attaching to and through a table
  • 3 pivot points to get the best viewing distance
  • Convenient screen adjustment: tilt/rotate/swivel
  • Prevent neck- and back complaints with this ergonomic desk mount