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Wall Mounted 19in Cabinet - 6 Unit - 450 Mm - Ral9003 White

Referentie: WPR406/W

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The WPR406 is a professional 19" wall mount metal rack compliant to ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491, IEC 60297 standards. It is a solid construction with a cold rolled steel 1,5 mm thick frame and 1,2 mm thick plates. The WPR406 comes fully assembled and can easily be mounted on the wall. The 19" mounting profile with punched square holes for use with snap-in cage nuts in combination with the printed unit measurement indicators ensure easy fitting of the equipment


Dimensions 600 x 368 x 450 mm (W x H x D)
Unit height 6 HE
Max. usable depth 410 mm
Max. load 60 kg
Weight 18.500 kg
Colours White