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Slide-out 19in Rack - 18 Unit - 420mm

Slide-out 19in Rack - 18 Unit - 420mm

Referentie: GPR418/B

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19" slide-out rack - 18 units - 420mm depth


The GPR418 is a professional and solid constructed slide-out rack for 19Ē equipment compliant to ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491 and IEC60297 standards. It offers a flush mount solution for installation up to 18 units of equipment. The HexaSlideô extending equipment bay combined with cable management rear supports allows rack integration into walls or furniture, while keeping the rear side of the equipment accessible for maintenance and servicing. Position locking in extended position with rotation angles for 45į and 90į allows easy fitting for the equipment, while locking in retracted position offers optimal security and stability for permanent installation. The construction is made of 3.0 mm thick steel profiles and finished in a black (RAL9004) powder coating with fine structure and printed unit measurement indicators.