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4-post Open Frame 19in Rack - 42 Unit - 550~950mm

4-post Open Frame 19in Rack - 42 Unit - 550~950mm

Referentie: DPR942/B

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4-post 19" open-frame rack - 42 units - 550~1015 mm depth


The DPR942 is a professional and solid constructed 4-post open-frame rack for 19Ē equipment compliant to ANSI/EIA RS-310D, DIN41491 and IEC60297 standards. It offers a sturdy and low-cost solution, suitable for installing up to 42 units of 19Ē equipment. The open frame construction is made of 2.0 mm thick steel and finished in a black (RAL9004) powder coating with fine structure and printed unit measurement indicators. Adjustable vertical supports allow in depth adjustment within a range of 56 to 102 cm while the base angle profiles can be mounted outwards for increased stability or inwards for conserve floor space. Delivery in a flat-down package allows easy transportation of the rack to any installation location, while the simple structure allows assembly by a single person in a record-breaking time.