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Devil May Cry 5 - Software Incl. Activation-key

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Several years after the Order of the Sword incident... An unusual phenomenon suddenly appears in Red Grave City. A gigantic tree pierces through the surface in the middle of town,attacking with roots that drain the poor citizens of their blood.
Young Devil Hunter Nero races into Red Grave aboard the mobile Devil May Cry vehicle with his partner Nico,a self-styled "artisan of arms"who provides Nero with his weapons.
Nero seeks to recover many things in Red Grave:lost pride... stolen power... and a man left behind.
Brandishing his beloved Red Queen sword and custom Blue Rose revolver,Nero plunges into Red Grave,routing the demon hordes as he makes for the menacing phenomenon in the city center.
All the while,a power crackles through his right arm... The anti-demon arm known as the Devil Breaker.


  • The fast-paced action you love,the devilish combat you crave : Stylish action makes a triumphant return in the ramped-up sword-and-gun gameplay the DMC series is known for.
  • Climb the Stylish Ranks : Chain together stylish combos in battle to trigger a Stylish Rank on the right side of the screen,which rises as you continue your artistic onslaught. Shooting for higher Stylish Ranks has all sorts of benefits,even pumping up the battle music at higher ranks. Nothing beats the feeling of finishing off a battle at SSS Rank!
  • Defeating foes with style nets you more Red Orbs,the mainstay DMC currency for powering up your character : Magical red stones of crystallized demon blood. Exchange these for weapons and skills.


Genre Adventure,hack and slash,stylish action
Platform Windows
Language English
Details Activation Key must be used on a valid Steam account - ESD
Multiplayer Internet
Max Number of Players 3
ESRB Rating Mature (17+)
ESRB Content Descriptors Blood,violence,strong language,partial nudity
PEGI Rating 18
PEGI Content Descriptors Violence,bad language
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
System Requirements 
Additional Requirements Internet connection