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Power Supply For 81699 - Uk

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In order to connect newer laptops or computers that output an HDMI signal to older peripherals, such as projects or monitors, that accept a VGA input, the digital HDMI signal must be converted to an analogue VGA signal. Many products on the market, particularly cables, claim this capability. However, most of these products only ?adapt? from HDMI to VGA. Without an active conversion process, there are very few devices that are able to output an analogue VGA signal from an HDMI output.

The Trulink HDMI to VGA Converter is an active device which converts a digital HDMI signal to an analogue VGA signal. This product is easy to use with no software or drivers required. Simply connect the unit and enjoy high definition content on an analogue display. This device is bus powered from the HDMI port for added convenience and does not require an additional power source. A 3.5mm stereo audio output is also included so that audio can be enjoyed through the display.


Connector 1HDMI
Connector 2HD15, 3.5mm
Soort stekkersVrouwelijk/vrouwelijk
Kleur van het productZwart
Maximum resolutie1920 x 1200 Pixels
Gewicht pakket73g