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USB-C Car Charger, 1-Port 3A Output

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The 1-Port USB-C Car Charger is an ideal solution for charging mobile devices while on long road trips or short commutes. This high-performance car charger features a compact design for easy portability and provides a power output of 5V and 3A for device charging.
The charger includes one USB-C port to charge a single device. The power output and quick charging makes this adapter the perfect solution for charging USB-C smartphones and tablets while plugged into the DC outlet of a car.


Electrical Specification

  • Input voltage range: 10-32V DC
  • Nominal input voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Input current with full load: ≤1.6A (Input DC12V)
  • Efficiency (USB Port): ≥88%(Input DC12V) (USB), ≥85%(Input DC24V) (USB)
  • Output Port: Type-C
  • Output Voltage: 5±0.25V
  • Regulated Accuracy: ±5%
  • Min. Current: 0
  • Rated Current: 3A
  • DC Output Over Current Protection: Over Current 3.2A - 3.7A

Physical Specification

  • Colour : Black
  • Weight : 0.100 KG