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Locking C14 to C13 10A 250V Power Cord Black 2m

Locking C14 to C13 10A 250V Power Cord Black 2m

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There is no need for special locking sockets that take up extra space and have a higher cost. Ensure a secure power connection to critical equipment while saving both time and money using this innovative locking connector.

Downtime resistant
Providing power to a server or switch is critical and a secure connection provides peace of mind. When working in a wiring closet or a cabinet space is limited and cords can easily get in the way and accidently be disconnected causing detrimental downtime. Perform maintenance tasks with confidence that the locking power cords will maintain connection without failure.

Tight space compliant
Cable install or uninstall can be very challenging when little space is available in a cabinet. The locking mechanism could not be simpler to operate. To install the cable plug it in as normal, or to unplug the cable simply grip the connector as normal but place your fingers on the release triggers and pull, the connector will come unplugged just like a normal cable.


Soort stekkersMannelijk/vrouwelijk
Lengte snoer1,8 m
Aansluiting 1C14 coupler
Aansluiting 2C13 coupler
Connector 1 form factorRecht
Connector 2 form factorRecht
Kleur van het productZwart
AWG draad omvang17
Aantal geleiders3
RoHS complianceJa
Certificering(UL) SJT E90165, CE
Temperatuur, in bedrijf-10 - 70 įC
Temperatuur bij opslag-20 - 50 įC
Relatieve luchtvochtigheid, in bedrijf30 - 70 procent
Luchtvochtigheid bij opslag30 - 70 procent
Diameter7,9 mm
Gewicht485 g