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Patch Cable Fiber Optic Mmf Duplex Lszh Lc / Sc 62.5/125 5m

Patch Cable Fiber Optic Mmf Duplex Lszh Lc / Sc 62.5/125 5m

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With LC to SC termination, this high-quality fibre optic patch cable is specificially designed for fast ethernet, fibre channel, ATM and gigabit ethernet applications. The small LC connectors satisfy the need for higher port density both in the telecom room and the work area, and offer twice the port density of traditional SC and ST fibre connectors. The LC connector with its RJ-style latch clip design is easy to engage and disengage, and gives each connection greater durability in resisting pulls, strains, snags, and impacts during cabling installs and maintenance. The SC connector features a push-pull locking system.
The LSZH jacket is composed from materials that lessen the smoke and halogen emissions when the cable is exposed to extreme temperatures. This reduces the amount of harmful toxic and corrosive gases that cabling made with plastic materials would otherwise emit into the air during combustion. This construction makes LSZH cables ideal for use where the protection of people and equipment from harmful corrosive gases is absolutely critical.

Main Detail






5 m (16.40 ft)

Devices used to connect

ATM, InfiniBand Switches, Server Computer, Switches

Connectors SIDE A

SIDE A Connector 1

TechnologyLC connector
Port typeMale
No of connectors2

Connectors SIDE B

SIDE B Connector 1

TechnologySC connector
Port typeMale
No of connectors2