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Db37 F/f Mini Gender Changer

Db37 F/f Mini Gender Changer

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Mini gender changers from Cables To Go provide the full benefit of a gender changer at a fraction of the space. These low-profile gender changers will quickly and easily convert the gender of any parallel, serial, game/midi or video port. In addition, they can be used to splice together two existing cables. Save yourself the cost and hassle of having to buy a new cable for each new application; simply change the gender of your existing port and use the very same cable.


  • Converts a DB37-Pin Male connector to a DB37-Pin Female connector
  • Designed for external tape back-up or Bernoulli Box applications
  • Low-profile design


  • Connectors : DB37-Pin Female to DB37-Pin Female
  • Weight : 0.025 kg