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Tokyo Ghoul Re [call To Exist] - Win - Activation Key

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On the streets of Tokyo,the war against Ghouls and Investigators rages on with one goal - to survive. Will you be a Ghoul or an Investigator? To eat or be eaten,this is the question... Based off the popular horror manga,TOKYO GHOUL:re CALL to EXIST is the first video game of the franchise to come to the west,uniting the characters from TOKYO GHOUL,TOKYO GHOUL A and TOKYO GHOUL:re.


Category Games - action
Platform Windows
Language English
Details Activation Key must be used on a valid Steam account - ESD
Release Date 15 November 2019
Multiplayer Yes
ESRB Rating Mature (17+)
ESRB Content Descriptors Blood,violence,suggestive themes,language
PEGI Rating 16
PEGI Content Descriptors Violence
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer Three Rings