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Atlona AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK

Atlona AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK

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Referentie: AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK

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Three-Input Switcher for HDMI and VGA Sources with HDBaseT Output

HDBaseT Switcher for HDMI and VGA Sources
The Atlona AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK is a 3?1 switcher with two HDMI? inputs a VGA input with audio and an HDBaseT output. Video signals up to 1080p plus embedded audio can be transmitted up to 230 feet (70 meters) and up to 130 feet (40 meters) for 4K/UHD video @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. The AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK is identical to the AT-HDVS-150-TX with the addition of local powering capability and an external power supply. This makes it ideal for extending AV directly to a projector with an HDBaseT input. The AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK can serve as the central component of a small automated AV system with the convenience of automatic input selection.

Compact Switcher and Extender
The AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK combines the benefits of auto-switching and the advantages of HDBaseT signal transmission. It incorporates many popular integration convenience features while delivering excellent value for classrooms huddle rooms and meeting spaces.

Surface mounting brackets are provided with the AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK for easy under-table furniture or on-wall installation.

The AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK automatically selects an input source based on detection of the 5 volt hot plug detect (HPD) signal.

Automatic Display Control
When used in conjunction the the AT-HDVS-150-RX receiver the AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK can provide control to a display through RS-232 without the need for a separate control system. This simplifies system design and integration while reducing costs. With automatic display control the AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK can trigger a display to power on automatically whenever a laptop or other device is connected. At the end of the presentation when the presenter disconnects the laptop the AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK forces the display to power off. A power button on the front panel can be used for manual on/off control of the display.

Automatic display control is available only when connected to the AT-HDVS-150-RX receiver.

The AT-HDVS-150-TX-PSK is ideal for use in:

Simple yet complete AV systems with HDBaseT-equipped projectors and flat-panel displays
Installations in which HDVS-150 Series transmitters are to be used with third-party HDBaseT devices

3?1 HDBaseT switcher
Features two HDMI inputs plus a VGA input with audio
Allows advanced HDMI display devices to be used with legacy VGA sources

Local AC powered version of AT-HDVS-150-TX
• Includes external power supply – ideal for point-to-point installations with an HDBaseT-equipped projector
• Also can be powered via PoE – provides an additional powering option through a compatible Atlona HDBaseT-equipped device or the optional AT-PS-POE power injector

Automatic input selection using hot plug detection
• Selects active input when sources are connected or if there is a change in source power status
• Enables simplified automatic system operation with no user intervention necessary

4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling
• Compatible with sources up to 4K/60 4:2:0 and 4K/30 4:4:4
• Allows 4K/UHD transmission when used with a compatible HDBaseT-equipped display or HDBaseT receiver

Long distance HDBaseT extension
• Transmits AV up to 230 feet (70 meters) @ 1080p or 130 feet (40 meters) @ 4K/UHD using CAT6a/7 cable
• Uses easy-to-integrate category cable for low-cost reliable system installation

Automatic display control (when connected to the AT-HDVS-150-RX)
• Automatically changes projector power state based on active or standby mode of the switcher. Control signals to display are transmitted via RS-232.
• Front panel button enables manual display on/off control
• Eliminates the need for a complex control system

Front panel input selection and on/off controls
• Overrides auto-switching when more than one active source is present
• Simple manual operation allows presenter to maintain control of AV system

Field-updatable firmware
• Rear panel USB port provides an easy means for device updates
• Ensures long-term system return on investment

Front panel power and input selection status LEDs
• LED indicators provide power and input selection status information
• Provides easy setup and troubleshooting

Included accessories
• User guide surface mounting brackets and external universal power supply

Award-winning 10 year limited product warranty
• Ensures long-term product reliability and performance in commercial and residential systems
• Specify purchase and install with confidence